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Motorcycle Related Projects

Until recently I owned a 2000 Millennium Edition Indian Chief.  She was number 76 of only 250 made.    Since mechanically she was in top shape, I basically focused on the aesthetics.  I love the classic style of the Indians and this bike is no exception.  The leather fringe on the seat and bags is very hard to match.  It is rough-out on the back side and a putty-gray on the finished side.  I considered dying it all one color but discarded that idea as I wanted to keep the original look.  My problem is that I like the handlebar tassels and black just didn't cut it.  I also had my black tool bag and handlebar bag from my previous bike, and I wanted them to match.

So...I got into leather work.  

Camper Projects

When I retired I opened an account that became my "Camper Hobby Fund".    

I thought rehabbing an old camper would be fun, so ...

1962 Tepee - 14 ft

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