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How to Install the Arrowhead Covers

US Patent D747645 S1​                                                                                                                                                                    Removal Instructions

  • Each Arrowhead Cap Cover will come with a clear plastic installation washer.  It will usually be inside the cap.Hold the clear plastic washer with the flat side down so it looks like a small "bowl"

  • Drop the bolt down into the clear plastic washer so the bolt head sits inside the washer "bowl"

  • Thread the bolt with washer through the license plate

  • Attach the nut to the bolt on the back of the plate securing the plate to the bike.

  • Snap the arrowhead cover onto the clear washer using FIRM PRESSURE AT THE CENTER OF THE ARROWHEAD until it "snaps" into place. 

  • While not exactly necessary, you might choose to put a dot of clear silicone under the cap.

Enjoy all the great comments you get about your AWESOME arrowhead covers!


  • DO NOT pull on arrowhead to remove cap

  • Use a knife blade to gently pry the chrome portion of the cap from the clear washer

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