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Camper Restroration

I am restoring a 1962 Tepee Roadrunner camper. It is 7' wide and 14' long. It has an extended rear bumper making it about 16' long. Electricity, and plumbing are shot and it leaks so this will be a full frame-off restoration.

This will be my first attempt at this but I'm pretty handy and never afraid to tear something apart and see how it's built I am excited for the challenge.

I am also new to blogging so bear with me as I give this a shot!!

I will start with the beginning pics of the camper I bought.


So I am going to try to put up info as i do the restoration and the rebuild. I Have already done quite a bit and so will be inundating you with posts at first.I decided to tear out most of the furniture and cabinets. In hind sight I wold have kept them intact better and saved them.

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